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May 30th, 2008

Kanesaki Icons

David Tennant
I made some Kanesaki icons.

Enjoy them ^^

Credit them, please ^^

May 27th, 2008

Hello, I'd like to inform you all of our Project for Kanesaki Kentarou(Sanada Gen'ichirou's cast) Birthday Project

This is like a worldwide project, so your participation is highly appreciated by us ^^

(More Info at My Journal)

We greatly hope that you all can participate, more the people can join, more the access that we can get ^^

Thank you very much!

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February 15th, 2008

Hello everyone! I'm new to this community but I've been a fan of TeniMyu for over a year now.

I (attempted) to translating RikkaiMyu Second Service, though it's still lacking some parts. I don't know if someone already posted a translation...

Sorry for the mistakes; since I'm only translating by ear & my Japanese is not that good, I wasn't able to translate some dialogues. I'm also not sure of some of the other parts. I had a friend help me with this too, but this was all we could do. Any additions & corrections are most welcome!


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February 1st, 2008

hello there~
-I'm kinda new here
-would like to request for photosets of
   -RikkaiMyu 2nd Service (all schools)

thank you sooo much!!

December 18th, 2007


Konomi-Sensei, Hyoutei Cast, Rokkaku Cast, Rikkai Cast, Higa Cast Address

Fudoumine Cast, Yamabuki Cast, St.Rudolph Cast Address

Seigaku Cast Address Part I....

PS1: If there are anything about miss address or another address in there, Don't mind to tell me so I can replace it with the new one and also you can ask me the Romaji of Japanese Address (sorry for the inconvenient) I'll update soon~ for the other cast 少しでも待ってね皆、すぐUpdateしてから。頑張ります!!(-”-;)

PS2: Thanks for sherraccon caelestin larva_zaxand ravientfor the info to make this granted 

PS3: Till now I still didn't manage to get Ueshima-Sensei Address<< The MOST IMPORTANT PERSON that I want get the address, and many of the other cast....Anyone can help me?? 

PS4: Some of them may have 2 address or even have same address with the others, That because their agency is same, etc

PS5: Is There anyone have Pure Boys Address?? Can U tell me??

PS6: Now, I post this in the net cafe farfar away from my house due to my net problem 。゜(>д<)゜。

Sorry If this thing make many SPAMs on your F-list

Ba-chon drawing

my angel
Because Ba-chon deserves a Christmas present. <3

Click for my journal:

As usual comments and critiques are welcome. :]

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November 6th, 2007


Mine! don&#39;t take it as yours!!
Can anyone please upload pamphlet and photoset scans of Rikkaimyu 1st Service in higher resolution (thanks to kira_shinju for the previous pamphlet scan | Is it possible for you to upload a bigger scan?) as well as Dream Live 4th and, if it is already available, Rikkamyu 2nd Service.

Onegai !!   I'm really craving for Rikkaimyu badly!  >.<

Thank you !!

October 15th, 2007



kisame_widi has a project to collect all Tenimyu Boys fan letter address from Seigaku 1st cast to Higa cast, and I decide to help her, we still need two more addrress from Rikkai cast. 
So please...please.. if anyone have Kiriyama Ren and Baba Toru fan letter address or have any clue where o go find it (since  kisame_widi already find through Baba and Ren blog, but still got nothing,...), we will really appreciate any help :)

Well, Kisame already have almost the myu boys fan letter address and we decide to put all the address on early november. That way, we hope it will help anyone that would like to give presents or letter to their favourite myu boys on Christmas or New Year eve. She will give the full detail and report as soon as she available ;p

We also still working out how to have Ruito and Doori fan letter address since AMUSE doesn't put any address aside an email to give those boys a gift. So any help will be very usefull :)

So...anyone can help? Please......??....

thx  :)

ps: mod, if this post aren't allowed, you may delete it ;___;

pps: sorry x-posted in other comm >___<;;

October 13th, 2007

 can I request for the scans of Rikkaimyu 1st service pamphlets? I can't seem to find them anywhere... please!!

I'm dying to see Rikkai.. :D

Thank you very much! :D

October 7th, 2007

My second icon post 8D

16 Rikkai Cast Icons
1 Gazette

I hope you all like them ^^

Fate seems to like playing tricks on us. Collapse )
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